Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blood (and redemption)

My body is bloody,
I am crimson red.
My soul drips with blood,
My mind is on death.

But I do not dream
Of killing and hate.
I dream of a Savior
And the terrible fate
That He had to suffer
So that we could be free.
I think of the cross,
I think “That could have been me.”

That’s what I deserve:
A death bloody and cruel.
Because I’m a sinner
And because I’m a fool.

I’ve done wrong things,
I’ve disgraced my God.
I’ve sinned and disobeyed
What I have been told.

But I am forgiven,
My sins are forgotten.
I have a clean slate,
It has been wiped clean.
I am free to start over.

I know that I truly am
Still a sinner, but I
Know I’m forgiven
Because of the blood.

The blood that now covers me because of His sacrifice.

God stills sees my sins, and I know I’m a sinner, but He has forgiven those sins.

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Anonymous said...

you are talented. i am a professional writer, and i just wanted to tell you that you have potential. :)

God bless!