Sunday, June 28, 2009

Darkness vs. Light

Round and round,
Turning, taunting.
Darkness laughs in his face.
“Do you think
That kicking me out
Will stop me
From taking
Your place?
As ruler of the world,
As king of all you made?
I will be most powerful,
Fill the world with hate.
Brother against brother
This will be the world’s fate.”
He laughs, oh Darkness laughs
A terrible cloud of smoke
Envelops the holy one.
Powerful evil laughter,
The heat, the stench,
The fire, the smoke
Is enough to overwhelm any mortal
Who dares
To cross
His path.
But the one who faces him
Is no mortal,
He is an eternal being
He can overcome Darkness.
He laughs, but his laugh doesn't fill the human race with dread.
Instead, it gives hope to all
Who believe.
Who know He is love,
He laughs.
Darkness steps back,
Then sneers.
“Do you really think
That you can defeat me?
You cannot.
I should be the greatest being,
I AM the greatest being.
Bow to me!”
The holy one just laughs again.
And he says,
“Foul one.
Evil being.
For years you have tormented my people.
My creations, whom I love.
Now I have returned, to save those who believe.
To take from your tightly closed fist.
Be gone! Foul one.
I banish you,
For the rest of eternity, I banish you.
To burn in the fiery pit you have made.
The pit where so many have fallen.
Take your followers with you.
Now GO!!”
And the beast was gone.
Never to return.

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