Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lord Of All

Lord of all creation
Of everything I see
You created nature
And Lord You created me

Creator of the tallest mountains
And of the deepest seas
You made the great wide fields
And the forest dark and deep

You made the animals that amaze us
And the plants that we can eat
You made the family that loves us
And the friends that we need

Flowers bright and beautiful
Waters cool and sweet
Love for every person
Lord You made everything

You are the Lord of all

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I walk slowly.
I look around.
Is anyone watching?
Is there someone
Who will tell the others,
"She's not cool anymore"?

I walk slowly to the door.
I reach up.
I knock.

The door opens,
And there He stands,
Smiling at me.
He says, "Welcome home,
I love you."
And I realize:

It doesn't matter
If the others accept me,
Or if they don't.
Because God accepts me,
Flaws and all.
The acceptance of others
No longer matters.

Blood (and redemption)

My body is bloody,
I am crimson red.
My soul drips with blood,
My mind is on death.

But I do not dream
Of killing and hate.
I dream of a Savior
And the terrible fate
That He had to suffer
So that we could be free.
I think of the cross,
I think “That could have been me.”

That’s what I deserve:
A death bloody and cruel.
Because I’m a sinner
And because I’m a fool.

I’ve done wrong things,
I’ve disgraced my God.
I’ve sinned and disobeyed
What I have been told.

But I am forgiven,
My sins are forgotten.
I have a clean slate,
It has been wiped clean.
I am free to start over.

I know that I truly am
Still a sinner, but I
Know I’m forgiven
Because of the blood.

The blood that now covers me because of His sacrifice.

God stills sees my sins, and I know I’m a sinner, but He has forgiven those sins.


Amazing grace that
I don’t deserve.
I didn’t even ask,
I thought I was too sinful.
I wasn’t good enough
To receive
The gift you had already given me.

I didn’t realize,
I didn’t see,
That you had already
Forgiven me.

But I know now.


Love is the mystery that no one can solve,
The word that no man can describe.
If we didn't have love, life would dissolve,
Into nothing. It's just a matter of time.

Who can describe love? And
Who can explain
Why something like love
Can be so full of pain.

Jesus showed us love;
He died on the cross.
How can we show that much love?
Love that deep, and passionate,
Can only be found in the Father above.

Love hurts sometimes,
And can sometimes only be shown,
By letting go; Let go of what you love.
And it'll come running back.


I won't rest 'til I find it.
I won't sleep 'til I acquire
What makes that guy happy,
What makes that girl sing with joy.

What is it I don't have,
That they have,
That makes them so joyful,
And me so sad
To see
I don't have it.

I want it.

But then it hits me.
Jesus is the answer.
They have Jesus' love in their hearts.

And right there,
Right then;
I ask Jesus into my heart.

And then I sleep in peace.


You may feel angry,
You may feel blue.
You may feel like
The world could go on without you.
But that’s not true.

Smile and light up the night.
Smile and show others
That you are sure of yourself.
Smile when you are happy.
Smile to impress others.

Sure, you can scream and cry.
Let it all out.

Then smile.

This Wonderful Man

I know a great guy,
And He loves me.
Even though He knows
All about me.
He knows all my flaws,
And yet He
Loves me for who I am.

Do you want to know this guy too?
Do you want to know the one who
Knows all about you?
Yet loves you?
For who you are?

He already knows you.
Do you know Him?
His name is Jesus.
And He loves you.

Darkness vs. Light

Round and round,
Turning, taunting.
Darkness laughs in his face.
“Do you think
That kicking me out
Will stop me
From taking
Your place?
As ruler of the world,
As king of all you made?
I will be most powerful,
Fill the world with hate.
Brother against brother
This will be the world’s fate.”
He laughs, oh Darkness laughs
A terrible cloud of smoke
Envelops the holy one.
Powerful evil laughter,
The heat, the stench,
The fire, the smoke
Is enough to overwhelm any mortal
Who dares
To cross
His path.
But the one who faces him
Is no mortal,
He is an eternal being
He can overcome Darkness.
He laughs, but his laugh doesn't fill the human race with dread.
Instead, it gives hope to all
Who believe.
Who know He is love,
He laughs.
Darkness steps back,
Then sneers.
“Do you really think
That you can defeat me?
You cannot.
I should be the greatest being,
I AM the greatest being.
Bow to me!”
The holy one just laughs again.
And he says,
“Foul one.
Evil being.
For years you have tormented my people.
My creations, whom I love.
Now I have returned, to save those who believe.
To take from your tightly closed fist.
Be gone! Foul one.
I banish you,
For the rest of eternity, I banish you.
To burn in the fiery pit you have made.
The pit where so many have fallen.
Take your followers with you.
Now GO!!”
And the beast was gone.
Never to return.


We cannot see God,
But we sense His presence.
We do not see God,
But we know He is there.
Like He promised.
He is with us.

We may not see God,
But we feel Him with us.
We will not see God
In human form
Until He comes again
To bring believers
To heaven
To live with Him.

Have faith,
Though we do not see Him,
Have faith,
He is coming again.


Free to laugh.
Free to love.
Free to be
What I’ve become.
Free to do
What needs done
To reach the world
That’s without The Son.


You are my rock, Lord.
Let me hide in You.
You are my strength, Lord.
Help, me for I am weak.
You’re full of love, Lord.
Show me how to love.
You’re my everything,
And I praise You.

I praise You in everything.


Beauty isn’t caked-on make-up,
Or loads of brand-name clothes.
Beauty isn’t lots of cliques,
Or hanging with the right people.
Beauty isn’t on the outside,
Beauty comes from within.

Beauty is loving others as God does.
Beauty is being selfless.
Beauty is being kind.
Beauty is caring for others.

Love others.
Be selfless.