Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lord Of All

Lord of all creation
Of everything I see
You created nature
And Lord You created me

Creator of the tallest mountains
And of the deepest seas
You made the great wide fields
And the forest dark and deep

You made the animals that amaze us
And the plants that we can eat
You made the family that loves us
And the friends that we need

Flowers bright and beautiful
Waters cool and sweet
Love for every person
Lord You made everything

You are the Lord of all


RamsGirl said...

I love your poems! Can't wait for more.

Bekah said...

*applauds* great job! WAY better then I could do *laughs*



Araken said...

Wow, that is an excellent poem

Avatar said...

Just found your two blogs. Your poem blog is impressive! You're great in writing. Keep it up! :)

Miss Grace said...

I love your poems! :) When did you get a blog?

singkittyle000 said...

woot woot! ok...just found your site. and i looooove it!!!! beautiful writing!!!! keep it up!